Conveyor Belt Tension Device Type

Common tensioning device has a screw tensioning device, gravity tensioning device, fixed winch tension device, automatic tensioning device.

A conveyor screw tensioning device. Screw tensioning device of simple structure, the tension is too small to travel applies only to the short distance conveyors, general captain of less than 80m when selected, the drawback is that after the self-elongation of the tape does not automatically tighten.

2 gravity tensioning device. Gravity tensioning device structure is the simplest, most widely used as a tensioning device. It is to use the hammer to automatically tighten, hammer, so it ensures that the tension force in a variety of conditions to maintain constant tension by weight, can automatically compensate tape elongation. Gravity tensioning device is characterized by a constant tensioning, tension displacement variable, which applies to fixed long-distance transmission, the advantages of high safety and reliability, the drawback is that the tension force can not be adjusted, large space requirements, in the space restricted, can not be used.

Three fixed winch tension device. The tensioning device of the fixed winch is a small winch to tighten, the winch is generally driven worm gear reducer rolls to wound the wire rope, which tighten the tape. The tensioning device of the advantages of small size, big rally, it is widely used in underground belt conveyor. The disadvantage is that it can only be based on the tensioning it is set to a constant tension, the tension force does not automatically adjust when the winch and control system problems on the tape machine can not produce a constant tensioning or pull tight power failure, the safety and reliability is relatively lower.

4 automatic tensioning device. Automatic tensioning device not only can automatically adjust the tension of active roller traction, but also to compensation tape elongation. Automatic tensioning device consists of motor, brake, reducer, wire rope drum, a large pull tensioning device tensioning Conveyor Belt equipped with tension sensors measured the tension of the Conveyor Belt when the Conveyor Belt tension changes, more than conveyor normal the scope of the run, automatic tensioning device of the rapid action, adjust the belt tension to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor. Automatic tensioning device used in conjunction with the end of self-moving machine can achieve the conveyor downtime conditions to achieve the telescopic conveyor machine the end of the mobile conveyor, greatly improving the efficiency of the delivery conveyor. Automatic winches tensioning device according to the tape transport by the pressure sensor the size of the need for automatic control of the tension of the machine operating conditions, the fluid pressure generated by the hydraulic tensioning device by hydraulic station through the fuel tank on the tape machine the Shijia La tight force, according to the tape The machine operating conditions need to adjust the tension of size.

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